The Inspiring Fratton Awards were set up in 2019 by Fratton Big Local and Stephen Morgan MP to celebrate people and their achievement in the Fratton Big Local area.

 If you are not sure exactly where that is please look at the below map which can also be found on our website: 

Fratton Ward Map

Each category is open to individuals regardless of their age. The important thing is their action’s benefit the Fratton Community.

More than one award may be given in a particular category if judges feel it is appropriate.

So if you know someone from Fratton who is a wonderful dancer, an amazing runner, an inspiring teacher or a great volunteer you can nominate them using this form or on line using the QR code.

To nominate someone, you will need to have their permission or their parent or carer if they are under 18 years of age. You may also be contacted about your nomination.

The judges will be using what you have written about your nominee to make their decisions so think carefully about what you write.

You can only make one nomination in each category and only nominate once. Duplicate forms will be discounted.

The Awards are decided by a panel and will be based on what is written about any one nominee not necessarily on the number of times the same person or organisation is nominated.

More than one award may be given in a particular category if judges feel it is appropriate.

Individuals and organisation who have not been nominated or received an award in previous years are particularly welcome.

Nomination close on 30th September 2022. Awards will be given out 2nd December 2022.

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* 1. Your Details

Question Title

* 2. Contribution to Creativity in Fratton

We are looking for someone who enjoys being creative and has involved the community in acting, crafting, dance drawing and painting, making, music, or any other creative activity locally.

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* 3. Contribution to Learning in Fratton

We are looking for  someone how helps others to learn or make learning enjoyable. It could be a lunch time supervisor, a teacher, a classroom assistant, student or pupil, anyone who helps  others achieve and enjoy learning

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* 4. Contribution to Sport and Exercise in Fratton

We are looking someone  who enjoys exercise or sport and helps others to enjoy it too

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* 5. Contribution to Volunteering in Fratton

We are looking for someone who gives up their time to help others   and is dependable and reliable

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* 6. Most effective organisation or team in Fratton

We are looking for an organisation or group of people who have contributed positively to community life in Fratton.

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* 7. Local Business in Fratton

We are looking for a business who offers great service as well as involving themselves in the local community

The Community Spirit award. 

The Judges will also be looking at all the nominations to find the person they feel best embodies Community Sprit in Fratton in 2022.