Parent Infant Partnership UK are undertaking a short research project to map the provision of specialist parent-infant mental health services around the UK.  This project will showcase the services that do exist and capture their impact for families and other local stakeholders. It will also show the current gaps in provision and make suggestions for policy changes that might help to address those gaps.

To inform this work, we are collecting information from a wide range of professionals about the services available in their locality. We would really appreciate it if you could spend 5-10 minutes sharing your experiences with us.

This survey is open until Sunday 24th March. We would be grateful if you could share the link across your networks and encourage others to complete it.

The results of our research will be published in June 2019. To keep up-to-date on this project and our other policy and campaigning work, please join the First 1001 Days email list. The link is at the bottom of the survey.

Thank you for your support.

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* 1. Please tell us about yourself, what sort of organisation do you work for?

Specialist parent-infant services (also known as parent-infant relationship or infant mental health services) work with families with babies and toddlers, where parents or caregivers are experiencing the most severe, complex and/or persistent difficulties in their early relationships with their babies. They offer intensive, specialised work for families whose needs cannot be met by universal services alone. These services are typically multidisciplinary teams of highly skilled professionals with specialist expertise. They might include individual or group work, at home or in community settings. Alongside working directly with families, specialist services often use their expertise to offer training, advice and/or supervision to other professionals and play a role in the development of wider local care pathways.

Specialist parent-infant services are different from specialist perinatal mental health services. Parent-infant services focus on the relationship between parent(s) and their babies, primarily to support parents to interact with their babies in a way that protects and promotes the emotional wellbeing and development of the baby. In contrast, perinatal mental health services are specifically for mothers with severe perinatal mental illness and focus on treating the mothers’ mental health, although they should also support her relationship with her baby.

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* 4. Is there a specialist parent-infant mental health service in your area?

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* 6. Does the CAMHS (children’s mental health service) in your area take referrals for children aged 2 or under?

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* 7. Please can you tell us about the impact that the provision, or lack of provision of specialist parent infant services has on:
a) the families you work with,
b) you as a professional.

Please be aware that we may use quotes from your response in our final report, although we will always remove details that might identify you, your clients or the service you work in.

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* 8. We may wish to contact you to clarify or follow up your answers. If you’re happy to be contacted, please share your details below.

Thank you very much for your time.

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