As part of our transformational project, we are looking at ways to help people tell the story of research. Researchers are key to this as you have a unique and in depth understanding of the research and how it fits in the wider context. Communicating research to a non-specialist audience is a skill and something important that researchers are doing increasingly through different ways.

This is a short survey to help us understand how you as researchers are currently engaging with the public about your research, what has helped you to do this and what additional support could help you.

Question Title

* 1. What ways do you currently engage with the public about your work, and how comfortable do you feel when doing this?

  Extremely comfortable Very comfortable Somewhat comfortable Not so comfortable Not at all comfortable N/A
Patient participation and involvement groups
Public engagement days
Social media
Media spokesperson
News articles and press releases

Question Title

* 2. Overall, how comfortable do you feel engaging with the public about your work?