We want the Wakefield district to be a place where people thrive, businesses succeed and visitors are welcome.

Our challenge is to try and balance the delivery of services that affect everyone - along with delivering services that only affect a few.

Services that affect nearly everyone include things like bins, litter and roads.

Things such as domestic abuse, homelessness, care in old age, insecure jobs, low pay and keeping vulnerable children safe are all real issues in this district right now, but they only affect a few people directly.

The Council also has a role to play in growing the local economy, including supporting our city and town centres. We are also needed to help create good jobs and grow skill levels. These are things that may not affect you directly but are issues that can have a big impact on our district and every resident’s quality of life.

Increasing demands on Council services and changes to the issues we face, mean we need to deliver things differently and find new ways of funding what we do.

To help us plan our budget for next year we want to understand what matters most to you. This will help shape our budget and identify where we should invest to help improve the lives of the district's residents.

Please answer a few short questions, which will help our conversation about what we should focus on for the future.

The below graphic provides a snapshot of how the Council spent money over the past year, and where the money comes from.

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