Welcome to the EIF Online Submission Form

Thank you for responding.
In this form you will be asked a series of questions about your programme.
Please bear in mind the following points:

  • The questions range from multiple choice to open-text. In some cases, you will be prompted for a specific answer by a multiple-choice question, but then given the opportunity to provide additional information in an open-text box afterwards.
  • If you wish to return to a previous question or to skip to questions further along in the questionnaire, please use either the up and down keys on your keyboard, or scroll with your mouse wheel.
  • The majority of questions are compulsory and you must answer these before you can submit the questionnaire.
  • In addition to the points here, please observe the specific guidance which accompanies each individual question.

When completing the questionnaire, please note: 

  • If your programme is delivered in different forms that are tailored for different age groups, please complete this questionnaire for each of these variations of your programme. Similarly, there should be a questionnaire entry for each of the constituent programmes of a suite of programmes, rather than one entry attempting to describe them all.
  • If you provide information on behalf of the developer, please make sure that it has their full support.

Please be aware that this submission form is designed to capture information on only a few key programme characteristics, sufficient for the purposes of deciding which programmes to take forward for EIF programme assessment.  At this point, we are not asking for any additional information on programmes. 

Submitting to this form is no guarantee that EIF will be able to assess the programme in 2019-20.  For more details on the work and EIF's selection criteria, please refer to the Background Paper on EIF's website.

For those chosen to go forward for EIF programme assessment, there will be opportunity to submit further in-depth information on your programme at a later date.  We have arranged the process in this way so at to minimise burden on providers, as well as to ensure that EIF can select programmes in a rigorous, transparent and expedient way.
Should you have any questions, please email them to guidebook@eif.org.uk.