Help us to spread some hope this March by decorating a window of your house or your front garden with a Spring theme for passers by to enjoy. 

Participating Marlow houses will be identified on a map, so that people can follow a trail if they so wish.
Participating houses in other towns will be encouraged to photograph and upload their images to our Facebook page so that they can also be enjoyed by all!

To help us to work towards an Eco award we would love it if people could include something recycled/upcycled in their display.

If you can fulfill the following criteria then please complete and submit the survey below:
- Do you have a window that is visible from the pavement/road?
- Can you decorate with a Spring theme, incorporating some recycled/upcycled items?
- Are you happy to have your road name on a map for people to follow? (Marlow houses only)
-Are you happy for your decorated window to be photographed and shared on Social Media?
- Are you happy to make a £2 donation to our Justgiving page for school resources?