At time of writing this survey, Everards the current owners of The Millstone are trying to sell the pub to a private buyer who would continue to run it as a pub. This we believe is the best possible outcome for the village.

However, in the event that no private buyer can be found, we are exploring the concept of whether to try to buy the pub and run it as a Community Managed pub under the management of an expert tenant publican. The total cost, including re-structuring spend, is believed to be around £550k. 

If you have a view about whether the village should try to buy The Millstone, whether positive or negative, please complete this survey. We need to get a clear understanding of the amount of support there is before we start looking into the details.  

Please also give an indication of whether you would be willing to help, and if so, what skills you have which could assist.

Question Title

* How much do you support or oppose the concept of the local community purchasing The Millstone?

Question Title

* Following up to the previous question, why do you feel that way?

Question Title


Would you be willing to join a committee to help take this project forward?

The committee will be responsible for creating a business plan that will establish the following key facts:
- What culture will the pub have and how will it support the community?
- How do we ensure the pub supports the community in the future?
- How do we find a tenant to manage the pub?
- How much money do we need to raise and how can we do that? 
- How do we structure the new organisation?

Question Title

* What skills do you have that you think could help?

We will need the following skills:

For creating a Business Plan:
- Finance or fund raising skills
- Budgeting and planning
- Architectural design (for establishing refurbishment)

Hand's on activities (to get it ready to handover to a tenant)
- Building, construction or handyman skills
- Gardening

Please list below any skills you have that you would be prepared to offer