Welcome to the NFWI's 'Count Me In!' membership survey


As we look to the future with the launch of our new strategic vision, it is crucial that we first build a clear picture of the WI membership today. We have always deliberately never asked members any personal information; however as we look towards a more Inclusive, Flexible, Bold & Inspiring, and Growing & Relevant future, we believe that this information is essential to help us better understand our membership. The information we are collecting will remain completely anonymous, but it will greatly assist the NFWI with membership projects, policies and procedures and ensure that everything we do is developed with you in mind. So please tell us about yourself and be included, as the more information we can gather the better we can tailor what we offer as part of membership!

Completing this survey is optional and members do not have to complete the survey to continue as a member or to become a member of the WI.

Please complete as soon as possible. Count Me In! will be closing Sunday 31st January 2021.

Data protection

This is an anonymous survey. We will not ask you for identifying information, such as your name. 

If you do include your name or other identifying information when completing and submitting this survey, you are consenting to the NFWI processing your information in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation. On reaching the NFWI, your personal information will be anonymised where necessary. This also ensures that you are not identifiable from the information you have provided.

Further information on data protection is available in our Privacy Policy or via email dataprotection@nfwi.org.uk. Printed copies of our Privacy Policy are also available on request.
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