This is the second of two surveys aimed at helping the NHS and social care services to share information securely wherever and whenever it is needed for better care and support. 

Health and social care services are joining up to make it easier for people to get the care and support they require wherever they need it. Shared care records can enhance joined up care and support, ensuring that vital information about people is available. 

To find out more about shared care records and how this project feeds into them, go to: 

This survey is about adult care and looks at the following information:
  • Hospital referral to Local Authority
  • Urgent referral from care home to hospital

    We want to hear from people who use health and care services, carers, health and care professionals, and system suppliers.  If you need help to complete the survey, please ask your carer to view it on their phone, tablet or computer.

    The survey is designed to be easy to complete. We will ask you for a few details about yourself and your role, this is so we can ensure you are directed to the right set of questions for you to answer. It should take about 15 minutes to complete the survey. 

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* 1. Are you answering this survey on behalf of yourself or supporting someone else to answer it?

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* 2. Do you work in health or social care?

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* 3. What is your role?

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