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We are asking for your views about improving skin (Dermatology) services for the residents of Wolverhampton City. This is an opportunity for you to have your say and help shape the future design of dermatology services.

Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (WCCG) is responsible for purchasing the provision of health services for our local residents in the city of Wolverhampton. Our mission is to be an expert clinical commissioning organisation, working collaboratively with our patients, practices and partners across health and social care, to ensure evidence-based, equitable, high quality, and sustainable services for all of our population.

Our proposal is to continue to commission a community provider to deliver a high quality, comprehensive Community Dermatology Service. We have an opportunity to expand the services available in the community. We are not proposing to reduce services nor limit treatment options that are provided; our aim is to continue to provide care closer to home in a community setting for those patients that can be safely managed in a community setting.

We don’t envisage changes to how patients will access to the service; patients will continue to go to their GP in the first instance and where required the GP will refer on for specialist care. The provider will be expected to deliver services from a number of locations across the City ensuring accessibility for all patients. Hospital services will remain in place for the most serious skin conditions, for example skin cancers.

By having a single provider of Dermatology Services, overall experience by patient will be improved with increased continuity of care, a smoother more efficient journey and faster access to treatment.

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