What's Going On Now? is a national project on music education and young people's music-making in Scotland.

You can find more about why the research is being done and what it will involve on our online information sheet for schools.

In brief, however:

Participation is voluntary - there may be no direct benefit to your school in participating, and it's up to you whether your school takes part. You can leave out any questions you want to, and you can withdraw all your responses from the research at any time, without giving a reason, by emailing the researcher (a.rae@rcs.ac.uk)

Your school is guaranteed confidentiality and anonymity (although you may choose to have the name of your school included in the report if you wish), and your responses will be stored securely according to the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

By completing 1 or more questions in the survey, you are giving your consent to your responses being used in the research.