The TEC in Housing programme is undertaking a short survey to establish levels of adoption of the Internet of Things across the Scottish Housing sector and to offer support to housing providers. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a catch-all term for the growing number of everyday objects with sensors, software and technology fitted that enables them to connect to the internet. 

Frequently these “things” are referred to as “smart” due to their ability to connect and exchange real-time data with other devices and systems over the Internet. In properties this could be anything from a smart speaker to a light bulb, an extractor fan to a boiler thermostat. 

Increasing numbers of Housing providers are embedding IoT into their practices and processes to support improvements in the management and maintenance of their assets e.g. using smart environmental sensors 

These same devices can also identify trends and deviations that can provide early warning indicators that tenants may be experiencing challenges e.g. fuel poverty or changes to their health.  

Despite the potential benefit to tenants some recent IoT projects have run into significant difficulties. The common denominator being lack of engagement with colleagues and tenants. 

The TEC in Housing (TECH) programme is keen to support housing providers to engage with their tenants to explore tenant awareness of the relationship between home and health, their understanding and experiences of IoT and their attitudes and appetite for it to be used as an enabler to better living. 

Following this initial engagement the TECH programme plans to to provide opportunities for housing providers and their tenants to collaborate on some small-scale, customer centric trialling of IoT. These trials will provide an opportunity for providers and tenants to explore IoT, potential opportunities for wellbeing and options for integration with existing business priorities.  

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