This year we will be selling Christmas trees again, specialising in premium Nordmann  and Noble Firs. We will have a limited number of trees in stock per size (ranging from 4-8ft).

If you want to make sure you get the size and type you really want please order below and we will reserve one for you for collection on one of the three Saturdays leading up to Christmas (9th/16th/23rd). 
We can also try and get in special sizes for anyone who has a hankering for something BIG. We would ask for a deposit on these special orders.
The Nordmann Fir  has soft foliage and an even shape with good space between branches– making it a joy to decorate. The  strong branches are great for hanging those big glass decorations. It has glossy, dark green needles that have a whitish/light blue underside.  It is also a good choice if you suffer from allergies, as the needles have a thick waxy coating. It is one of the best trees to use at Christmas as it retains its needles well, even when cut. 
The Noble Fir  has needles that turn upward, exposing the lower branches. Like the Nordmann it is known for its beauty and long keep ability. The stiff branches are perfect for heavy ornaments, and are more layered, allowing for decorations to be hung right through them. The Noble also provides excellent greenery for wreaths and garlands. The needles are bluish-green but appear silver and smell divine. It is a tree of true character.

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