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Our aim is that all Trust schools will be outstanding, and we believe that this can only be achieved through a partnership between students, staff, parents/carers and governors.
We have agreed on the Vision and Values of the Trust, and a copy may be obtained from individual Head of Schools. The document has been summarised in the ‘Trust Code’, which is printed in the student planner and is available on the Trust and individual school’s websites.
The Trust will aim to provide the very highest standard of education, with a curriculum that is suitable for all students and that meets the needs of children of all abilities. Staff will use the most modern teaching methods and will regularly update their knowledge of how children learn. Students will be encouraged to develop spiritually, morally and socially. Fun will be a key feature of lessons at all Trust schools. 

We believe that Home Learning is important and we will set regular, interesting tasks that are relevant to students’ learning. Students’ work will be assessed and they will understand how they can improve. Our reports to parents/carers will be clear and easy to understand.

All schools in the Trust will be a welcoming place, valuing all people equally. Students will feel safe and respected and happy in their learning. Parents and carers will feel well informed and involved, and staff will feel that their views are valued. We will promote the importance of healthy living, particularly healthy eating; we will work with students and parents to promote safe travel to school, and we will give clear messages to students about safety.

Relationships at all the schools will be positive, based on honesty and fairness, and we will expect all members of each school’s community to act with courtesy, respect and good manners. Racism, intolerance and bullying are unacceptable, and will be dealt with appropriately; we subscribe to the idea of ‘Restorative Justice’ and, sometimes, problems will be resolved through discussion and negotiation. Parents/carers will be informed about any serious incident involving their children; their support is vital if we are to have a fair and positive outcome. Parents/carers will let us know about anything that might affect a child’s progress.

All schools in the Trust have a clear uniform code, and wearing the uniform correctly is one of the ways that students show they are proud of their school. Parents/carers can help by sending students to school properly dressed and well equipped to learn. Regular, punctual attendance really helps a student to succeed at school and, for this reason, holidays taken in term time will not be authorised. If attendance problems develop, parents/carers and the school will work together to improve things.

Governors of the individual schools will meet regularly to set the direction of the school and to monitor what is happening through their visits. The Trust has a complaints procedure: all complaints will be dealt with sensitively and will receive a response in writing.

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* 1. Expression of Agreement
I confirm I have read the Home School Agreement and I accept all of the ideas contained in it. I will do my best to play my part in supporting learning at Hampton College.

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