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On March 3rd 2001, the occupational therapy profession experienced a great loss with the passing of one of its most dedicated leaders, Dr. Thelma Cardwell (1920-2001). Dr. Cardwell was a leader in the occupational therapy profession, and her legacy continues to impact on the local and global professional community to this day. Dr. Cardwell’s involvement with WFOT enabled the profession to gain official status as a non-governmental organisation with the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1959. Dr Cardwell served as WFOT’s Secretary and Treasurer for six years and made significant contributions to the development of the organisation as the official international representative of occupational therapy and global health. A bequest was made to WFOT from the Estate of the late Dr. Cardwell (Canada) for the Foundation Award. As such, and in celebration of Dr. Cardwell’s numerous contributions to the occupational therapy profession, the WFOT renamed its Foundation Award to the “WFOT Thelma Cardwell Foundation Award for Research”. The award supports occupational therapy research initiatives led by occupational therapists who are individual members of WFOT and who have the written support of the WFOT Member Organisation in which they are a member.

The aim of WFOT Thelma Cardwell Foundation Award for Research is to provide funding to support pilot projects or small-scale feasibility projects that can build and/or strengthen research capacity in occupational therapy. This award specifically supports contextually relevant and culturally sensitive projects that support the occupational needs of the local communities and individuals. Applications must address one or more of the WFOT international occupational therapy research priorities (v. 1.0/2017):
• Effectiveness of occupational therapy interventions
• Evidence-based practice and knowledge translation
• Participation in everyday life
• Healthy aging
• Occupational therapy and chronic conditions
• Sustainable community development and population based- occupational therapy interventions
• Technology and occupational therapy
• Occupational therapy professional issues

More information on these priorities can be found in:
WFOT, et al. (2017). International Occupational Therapy Research Priorities. OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health, 37(2): 72-81

The application deadline is the 15th February 2018 by 5:00 pm in the applicant’s time zone.

The WFOT Thelma Cardwell Foundation Award for Research invites applications in support of original ideas that have not received funds from other national or international organisations. Early career investigators and research graduate students are welcome to apply. Investigator(s) must submit their application under one or more of the research priorities. The Award may be used for human resources support, equipment, supplies, participant compensation or technical assistance for an approved project. Projects should be within a two-year maximum timeline.

Applications for the Award will be assessed by a Committee within the WFOT Research Programme, chaired by the WFOT Programme Coordinator Research. In cases where the Programme Coordinator Research has a conflict of interest with a potential applicant(s) the Deputy Programme Coordinator Research Programme will chair the committee’s appraisal of such application. A report including the committee’s recommendation will be presented to the WFOT Executive Management Team.

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* PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: WILL BE AN INDIVIDUAL MEMBER OF WFOT: Provide full name, country and affiliation.


* CO-INVESTIGATORS: Provide full names, country and affiliation.

* FULL postal and email address of the Principal Investigator:

* ABSTRACT: Provide a summary of the project in language that a general audience can understand. Indicate why and to whom this work is relevant and important. This abstract will be available to WFOT members if the proposal is funded. Maximum 250 words. 

Describe how the project:
• addresses one or more of the International Occupational Therapy Research priorities
• addresses the occupational needs of the individuals or community
• advances the current knowledge and understanding of occupation and participation
• is built on a grounded theoretical and evidence-based framework

Describe the specific objectives of the project as well as the way in which this project contributes or will lay the foundation for long-term research objectives. Maximum 150 words. 

Clearly identify the proposed methods and/or approach, as well as a description of the participants or partners, the procedures and outcomes. If ethics approval is necessary (for all research involving participants) please provide a statement regarding the ethics board from which approval will be sought. Maximum 300 words. 

Describe how this award will foster research capacity and continued advance of occupational therapy and occupational science. Maximum 250 words. 


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