1. Introduction

We are inviting occupational therapy practitioners who have been involved with Assitive Technology provision in the last 12 months to participate in this survey.

The aim is to learn more about the variability and challenges of providing Assistive Technology products to benefit health.

You will be asked:
- general questions about your practice
- specifically about Assistive Technology products and the provision of Assistive Technology

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognises the role of Assistive Technology in improving health and is developing a strategy that aims to improve access to a priority list of 50 Assistive Technology products. According to the WHO, currently only 1 in 10 people globally have access to these products.

WFOT wants to understand the global role that occupational therapists have in meeting the goal of improving access to high quality, affordable Assistive Technology. WFOT also wants to know about any practice occurring beyond the scope of the strategy.
For the purpose of this survey, the following WHO definitions are used:
  • Assistive technology: “Is the application of organized knowledge and skills related to assistive products, including systems and services. Assistive technology is a subset of health technology.”
  • Assistive products: “Any external product (including devices, equipment, instruments or software), especially produced or generally available, the primary purpose of which is to maintain or improve an individual’s functioning and independence, and thereby promote their well-being. Assistive products are also used to prevent impairments and secondary health conditions.”
  • Priority assistive products: “Those products that are highly needed, an absolute necessity to maintain or improve an individual’s functioning and which need to be available at a price the community/state can afford.”
Due to changing governments and ongoing healthcare reforms locally and internationally, this survey seeks input from practitioners who have been involved with Assistive Technology provision in the last 12 months. This will focus the results on current practice and future challenges over the coming 1-2 years. ​

It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete this survey.
The deadline for responses is 31st October 2017

* 1. Responses will only be recorded when you press “DONE” at the end of the survey.