We are holding a number of focus groups over the coming weeks and need to recruit people to take part. These will help shape the future of The Black Box and we want to hear from as many of you as possible. 

To help us assign you to the correct focus group, we need to understand a bit more about you and your relationship with The Black Box. We also need your contact details so we can invite you! 

Not everyone who completes this form will be invited to a focus group, but we'll let you know either way.

There is further information at the bottom of the survey which explains how your data will be processed and stored, but we promise won't be spamming you. Thank you for your time we really appreciate it.

Rachael Campbell-Palmer
Director, The Black Box

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* 1. Are you a member of The Black Box?

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* 2. Are you a full time student at college or university?

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* 3. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, did you regularly attend The Black Box?

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* 4. Have you regularly been watching The Black Box digital events during the pandemic?

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* 5. We need some information abut you. This information will be shared with our research partner to assist with this project. It will only be used to contact you in relation to this research and will not be used for marketing or any other purposes.

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* 6. How old are you?

We Take Your Privacy Seriously

All of your personal information is only being captured for this research process. It will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will not be used in any other way.

We're working with Eximo Marketing on this research project and they will be running the focus groups on our behalf. Your information will be passed to them to assist with the organisation of these groups and stored in accordance with their Privacy Policy. Once the research phase is over, Eximo Marketing will no longer have access to your data. 

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch