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* 1. Please tell us who you are

* 2. How important are the below elements to you when choosing a company to purchase specialist equipment?

  Vital - It's one of the main elements considered Important Neither important or unimportant Unimportant Irrelevant - it would not influence my choice
Speed of product delivery
Relationship with local Product Advisor
Reputation of company 
Large product range
Ease of contacting Product Advisor
Support/knowledge from the customer support team
Ability to resolve product or service issues quickly
Good website with lots of product information

* 3. If you have any comments relating to other elements which are major considerations when choosing a company to purchase specialist postural support equipment, please include them below?

* 4. How easy is it for you to secure funding for the purchase of specialist equipment?

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* 9. May we contact you for further feedback opportunities?