Hello from the team at Herne Hill Group Practice!
We'd like to know how we can make your experience of appointments at the Herne Hill Group Practice better. The following short survey is completely anonymous and we have no way of identifying you as an individual.

If you'd like to fill this out on paper then please find a copy in the Surgery or give us a call 020 7274 3314 and we will send you one in the post.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, we value your views.

* 1. How do you usually book appointments to see a Health Care professional (GP, Practice Nurse etc.)?  In the absence of a usual method, please consider what you have done most recently.

* 2. Did you know you could book an appointment to see a Health Care professional (GP, Practice Nurse etc.) securely online?

* 3. Did you know you could order repeat prescriptions securely online?

* 4. The practice is considering offering bookable TELEPHONE and SKYPE (video call) appointments where you would consult with a Health Care professional (GP, Practice Nurse etc.) from a distance.  Advice could also be provided via EMAIL correspondence.  If during the appointment or correspondence the Health Care Practitioner felt it was necessary to see you in person, then an appointment could be made for you to attend the Practice.

If these different types of options for appointments were available, how likely would you be to use them?

  Very likely Somewhat likely Not sure Not likely Not at all likely
TELEPHONE appointment
Skype or video call appointment
Email correspondence

* 5. Do you have any caring responsibilities?

* 6. Do you have any other feedback for Herne Hill Group Practice?

* 7. What is your age group?

* 8. Ethnic origin

* 9. Gender