Thank you for your interest in the Worcestershire Meeting Centres Community Support Programme.

Before completing this application form we recommend that you visit the following page on our website to access several documents that will help you with your application: Worcestershire Meeting Centres Community Support Programme

The website will allow you to see:
1) A guidance document containing definitions of some of the terminology used and details about the application process,
2) A pdf copy of the online application form to find out what information you will be asked to provide. This will help you to plan your application before starting this online form,
3) A copy of the 'Essential Features of a Meeting Centre' around which the application form is based,
4) Information about Meeting Centre training,
5) A copy of the financial forecast template.

Please note that there is limited space for each answer, so please keep your responses short and relevant.

You may also want to look at other information about Meeting Centres on this page.