Version number & date:  Version 2 - 19/3/2021 
Research ethics approval number: 8495 

Title of the research project: A sexual dysfunction information survey for prostate cancer patients treated with external-beam radiotherapy. 
Name of researchers: Mr Samuel Greenwood-Wilson & Dr Pete Bridge 
  • I have read and understood the information sheet provided for this study (Participant Information Sheet). 
  • I understand that my participation is voluntary. 
  • I understand that once my responses have been submitted, I will be unable to withdraw them as all responses are submitted anonymously. 
  • I understand that the data collected will be treated anonymously and confidentially and will only be available to view by the research team members. This data will be always stored securely. 
  • I understand that the information provided will be collated with other answers and subsequently be used in a publication. 
  • I understand that due to the anonymous nature of the survey, no researcher will be able to follow-up on any individual response. 
  • I understand that if my response to any “free text” question compromises my anonymity, my questionnaire submission will be promptly destroyed, and the data will not be used by the research team members. 
  • I agree that the information I write in the survey can be quoted in research outputs such as publications, reports, webpages, and theses. 

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* 1. By selecting "Yes" you agree to all statements listed and agree to participate in the study