Give Us your Thoughts!

What do you value about living in West Ardnamurchan?
Do you have an idea to improve the area?  

What new activities or services would you like to see in West Ardnamurchan?
This survey and the public meetings will allow the West Ardnamurchan Community Development Company and West Ardnamurchan Community Council to work together and with other local groups to develop an Action Plan which will identify the challenges that the area faces and the ideas which will help make West Ardnamurchan an even more attractive place to live and work into the future. It will help us attract new funding and ensure that developments are in tune with the needs and wishes of those affected.

The Community Consultation Action Plan Working Group is made up of volunteers from across the community, including representatives from the Community Council and Community Development Company. The more folk who take part, the better informed the plan will be so please encourage your family, friends and colleagues to take part!

In addition to being available for completion online paper copies of the survey are available at Ardnamurchan Natural History Visitor Centre, Kilchoan Shop and Kilchoan Community Centre and can be returned there in the sealed box provided.

The survey is CONFIDENTIAL and will be conducted by James and Sian of An Roth Associates Ltd.

*Extended Deadline* Please complete the survey by 21st April 2017.
Many thanks for taking part!

* 1. Are you a full-time resident in West Ardnamurchan?

* 2. Please provide your West Ardnamurchan postcode (if you have one):

* 3. What is your age?

* 4. What is your employment status?

* 5. Following an initial meeting of WACDC members, a number of ideas were listed with potential to make Ardnamurchan an even better place to live and work in the future. These ideas are listed below, in no particular order. You might find them helpful in filling out the questionnaire, but it is YOUR ideas we want, so please write as fully as you can in the box at the end of this question.
  • More recreational activities
  • More employment opportunities
  • Better broadband 
  • Better mobile phone coverage
  • Supported housing for older people and those with a disability
  • Better information about what is going on
  • Better youth facilities
  • Better services for older people
  • More tourism activities
  • Improved tourism promotion and signage
  • A community centre/base at Glenborrodale
  • More arts and cultural activities
  • More affordable housing to buy or rent
  • More learning and/or training opportunities
  • More opportunities for volunteering
  • More local produce
  • More community based health services
  • More sport initiatives
  • Greater collaboration across community organisations
  • Renewable energy projects 
  • New heritage and local information centre
  • New footpaths & cycling routes 
  • New cafes/places to eat Business premises e.g. office, workshop space
  • A laundry 
  • A community owned woodland
  • More crofts available to new crofters
Please add any further comments or details in relation to the options above in the text box below. 

E.g. please add any other specific improvement projects/activities or new/improved services you would like to see in West Ardnamurchan:

* 7. TOURISM:  How could we improve the tourist experience on the peninsula? (e.g. a heritage centre, a West Ardnamurchan Brand, good footpaths, litter bins, dog waste bins etc.)

* 8. TOURISM:  Would you support the provision of new information and signage for visitors to help attract more people to stay in the area and inform them of the local attractions?

* 10. EDUCATION & LIFE LONG LEARNING: How would you improve and develop education and learning opportunities on the peninsula?

* 11. THE ENVIRONMENT: What ideas do you have for new environmental initiatives? (e.g. charity shop, recycling facility, marine protection)

* 13. LOCAL SERVICES: What new services or service improvements would you like to see available on the peninsular?

* 14. LOCAL SERVICES: Community website
Would you support the idea of a new community website for the area?

* 15. LOCAL SERVICES: Public transport

Funds are being raised for a new community mini-bus for the area. Please add your ideas as to how we can make good use of the minibus.

* 16. LOCAL SERVICES: Public transport

Please note any other improvements or developments you would like to see to the transport options and infrastructure for West Ardnamurchan? (buses, ambulance car to take people to hospital appointments etc.)

* 17. LOCAL SERVICES: Housing 

Do you think there are any gaps in housing provision in West Ardnamurchan and if so, what are these? (e.g. sheltered housing, affordable long-term rental properties, low cost housing for permanent rent, low cost housing to buy)

* 18. EVENTS & ACTIVITIES: What do you think are the most important activities and events in the community currently?

* 19. EVENTS & ACTIVITIES:  Would you support the development of more arts, music and entertainment venues and events? If so, what sort of activities would you like to see scheduled?


What do like/value about the church?


How would you like to see the building improved/developed?
The local Church of Scotland is keen to have your ideas as to what additional good uses could be made of the parish church in Kilchoan.

* 22. LOCAL BUILDINGS & FACILITIES: The Community Centre 

What do you like/value about the Community Centre?

* 23. LOCAL BUILDINGS & FACILITIES: The Community Centre

How would you like to see it improved/developed?

* 24. LOCAL BUILDINGS & FACILITIES: The Learning Centre

What do you value/like about the Learning Centre?

* 25. LOCAL BUILDINGS & FACILITIES: The Learning Centre

How would you like to see it improved/developed?

* 26. LOCAL BUILDINGS & FACILITIES: Glenborrodale Old Primary School

What ideas do you have for the use of this building?

* 27. LOCAL BUILDINGS & FACILITIES:  Ardnamurchan Lighthouse and surrounds 

What do you like/value about the Ardnamurchan Lighthouse?

* 28. LOCAL BUILDINGS & FACILITIES: Ardnamurchan Lighthouse and surrounds

How would you like to see it improved/developed?

* 29. LOCAL BUILDINGS & FACILITIES:  Kilchoan Primary School 

What do you like/value most about Kilchoan Primary School?

* 30. LOCAL BUILDINGS & FACILITIES: Kilchoan Primary School

How would you like to see the site improved/developed, including the playground and drop-off point?

* 31. LOCAL BUILDINGS & FACILITIES: Jetty, Shore Cottage, Jetty Toilets and Showers 

What do you value most about the jetty, shore cottage, jetty toilets and showers?

* 32. LOCAL BUILDINGS & FACILITIES: Jetty, Shore Cottage, Jetty Toilets and Showers

How would you like to see these facilities improved/developed?

* 33. Please add any other comments/or suggestions not covered above: