National Trust Wiltshire Landscape

What does the landscape around Stonehenge mean to you?
We want to understand how people feel about the landscape in which Stonehenge sits. This will help us to look after it in ways that preserve the things that make it special to you.
The archaeological and historical features have legal protection but we would like to know if there is anything about the atmosphere and ‘feel’ of the Stonehenge landscape which you particularly like.
The three main questions (1, 2 and 3) ask you to consider what makes the landscape special to you on a personal basis and you can write as much as you wish, then there are several smaller short questions to complete.

NOTE: Please answer questions in relation to the landscape AROUND Stonehenge, not about the stone circle itself.
Thank you for taking part in this survey.

* 1. When you think about spending time in the landscape around Stonehenge how would you describe what you feel when you’re here?

* 2. Is there any aspect of the Stonehenge landscape atmosphere or ‘feel’ that we should be particularly careful to preserve?

* 3. What did you see in the Stonehenge landscape that moved or inspired you?

* 4. Date of visit

* 5. Approximately how long did you stay in the landscape?

* 6. Did you visit the stone circle?

* 7. Place of residence (town or country name)

* 8. Which particular features of the landscape did you visit?