Dyslexia Diagnosis in Stockport

Parents in Partnership Stockport (PIPS) are working in co-production with Stockport's Learning Support Service to seek the views of parent/carers and Educational settings across the borough of Stockport.

We would be grateful if you could fill in this short survey to help shape the development of their service and the potential of Dyslexia diagnosis in Stockport schools.  

Please can we have your responses by 16th April 2018.

* 1. Are you a parent carer or do you work in an Educational setting?

* 2. Are your children or the children you support at primary or secondary school?

* 3. Do they experience literacy difficulties that you think may be dyslexia?

* 4. Do you feel that a diagnosis of dyslexia would help you, your child and the school to better understand and support their educational needs?

* 5. How do you feel a diagnosis would help?

* 6. Would you seek a dyslexia diagnosis if the Stockport Learning Support Service were able to offer this service to Stockport schools?

* 7. Would you