At Horse&Rider we're keen to help you make the most of your riding and your horse, so it's important to us that we give you the information, features and ideas you need. We want to know what you like, what you don't like and what you'd like to see us cover in the future.

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* 1. How many horses do you have?

* 2. What type of horse(s)?

* 3. How often do you ride?

* 4. Do you have lessons?

* 5. How long have you been riding?

* 6. Which activities do you take part in or want to try?

  Take part Want to try
Fun Rides 
Hunter Trials
Side Saddle

* 7. What level do you compete at?

* 8. Do you keep your horse?

* 9. Do you have your own transport?

* 10. What brand/brands of feed do you use?

* 11. What supplements do you feed your horse?

* 12. Do you take riding holidays?

* 13. Are you a member of any equestrian clubs or organisations?

* 14. Do you insure your horse?

* 15. Have you bought a product as a result of seeing it in Horse&Rider?

* 16. Do you refer to Horse&Rider's buying sections to help you with buying decisions?

* 17. What's your favourite part of Horse&Rider?

* 18. What would you like to see in Horse&Rider?

  More Less  Same
Rider Psychology
Horse Psychology/behaviour
Stable management
Alternative therapies
Horse fitness
Natural horsemanship
Ask the experts 
Rider confidence
Rider health and fitness
Top rider interviews
Riding clothes & fashion
Tack and equipment
Land management
Horse welfare issues

* 19. What would you like to see less of in Horse&Rider?

* 20. How do you usually get your copy of Horse&Rider?

* 21. How long have you been reading Horse&Rider?

* 22. In the past 6 months, how many copies of H&R have you bought?

* 23. Have you visited the H&R website?

* 24. What were you looking for?

* 25. Did you find it?

* 26. Which equine charities do you support?

* 27. Do you have an

* 28. What social media channels do you use?

* 29. Which national equestrian events have you attended in the last two years? (eg HOYS, Badminton)

* 30. Do you read other horsey magazines?

* 31. What non-equestrian magazines do you read?

* 32. Apart from equestrianism, what other hobbies do you have?

* 33. How many other pets do you own?

  1 2 3+

* 34. If you have children, how old are they?

* 35. Are you

* 36. Age

* 37. Are you employed?

* 38. Household income

* 39. Personal details

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