Therapy Outcome Measures (TOMs) Survey

We are keen to continue to support those using or interested in using TOMs, and as part of the continuing development process we would like to collect the thoughts and views of people who are either considering the use of TOMs or have previously been on a TOMs Training day and are currently using the TOM in their practice.

We would appreciate your answers to the following short questionnaire:

* 1. Please select from the following:

* 2. Are you using the TOM? Please select those answers that are relevant to you.

* 3. If you are using TOMs, how are you currently using TOMs?

* 4. We would like to learn from your experience with using the TOM. Using the box below, please tell how the TOM has made a difference to your clinical practice. (e.g. assisting with reporting)

* 5. If you have encountered difficulties when using the TOM please explain in the box below what those difficulties have been (e.g. interpreting results, confidence with reliability etc)

* 6. Would you like an opportunity to recalibrate (test your reliability) of your TOMs scoring and examine some cases using a template?

* 7. We are planning to provide some time in the new training day to enable group working to look at TOMs for specialist purposes. Would this be of interest?

* 8. If, as part of the programme you were offered the opportunity to attend a group session, please indicate in the box below the specialist area you would like covered e.g. AAC, Palliative care, equipment services etc

* 9. Please rate the following areas, in terms of interest to you (where 1 is of little interest and 5 is very interesting)

  1 2 3 4 5
Development of new scales
Adapting the TOMs - users and carers.
TOMs in case studies and research
Data collection, analysis and presentation

* 10. We may need to make further contact with you about your answers to this survey to gain a fuller insight into the potential additional training needs for the use of the TOM in service developments/service change. If you are happy to be contacted about your responses, please place your email address in the box below so we may contact you.