We're excited to announce the TRIBE Freedom Breakfast Challenge in partnership with Tony's Chocolonely, Plenish and ManiLife, and 20 of the UK's leading food and fitness Instagram influencers.

We're looking for 100 members of the TRIBE community to make the ultimate breakfast and help us make a big noise and raise awareness of UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30th. 

Here is how the Challenge will work: 

1. Apply to take part in the challenge by filling out the short survey below (will take 2 mins max). Just 100 spots!! 
2. Get 60% off a Freedom Breakfast Pack (RRP: £32). We will send a link to all successful applicants to buy one tomorrow afternoon - keep an eye out on your emails. The pack will contain 12 TRIBE products, Plenish 1L Oat Milk, ManiLife Peanut Butter 295g tub and a Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate 50g Hazelnut Bar. 100% of profits will go to the TRIBE Freedom Foundation. 
3. Make the ultimate TRIBE Freedom breakfast on July 30th and let's all make a big noise! #TRIBEFreedomBreakfast 

Only 100 spots up for grabs - so tell us WHY we should pick you! 

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* 1. Please tell us your name and email address so we can contact you if successful: 

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* 2. Tell us what you're going to make and why it will be delicious! 

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* 3. To help us track the wider impact of this campaign please answer the following:

How would you rate your awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK?