* 1. My Child is happy at this academy?

* 2. My Child feels safe at Burlington Danes Academy?

* 3. My child makes good progress at BDA?

* 4. My Child is well looked after at BDA?

* 5. My Child is taught well at BDA?

* 6. My Child receives appropriate homework for their age?

* 7. BDA ensures that students are well behaved?

* 8. BDA deals effectively with bullying?

* 9. BDA is well led and managed?

* 10. BDA responds well to any concern I raise?

* 11. I receive valuable information from BDA about my Child's progress?

* 12. I would recommend BDA to another parent.

* 13. Burlington Danes being a Church of England school is important to me.

* 14. BDA assists my child's spiritual development well.

* 15. One thing Burlington Danes Academy does really well:

* 16. One thing Burlington Danes Academy does badly:

* 17. Would you like to attend any classes for parents? if so would you like to attend?

* 19. If the answer to either of questions 17 and 18 is yes, please leave your email address so we may contact you.

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