Youth Awards Nomination Form

For the second year running, we will be holding the Youth Talk Awards, an event that aims to recognise young people for the contributions that they make to creating a better community and improving the quality of life for those who live here.

Please use this form to nominate someone that you think deserves to win an award on the night.

You will be asked which category you would like to nominate them for, please choose from the following options:

Volunteering award

Positive role model award

Community champion award

Rising star award

Unsung hero award

Peer support award

Diversity and Inclusion

Special recognition award.

* 1. What is you name?

* 2. What school do you go to?

* 3. Who would you like to nominate?

* 4. What school do they go to?

* 6. Please give a short explanation of why you are nominating them for an award.