Welcome to the ECA / BESA / LEIA / SNIPEF / SELECT / CICV FORUM RPE in engineering services survey.

Businesses continue to advise us that it is very difficult to obtain some types of protective masks, or that prices have increased dramatically.

To continue to represent this issue effectively to government etc., we need to convey the extent of problems being encountered.

Your feedback to this short, but very important, survey will be very valuable in helping us to do this. All individual responses will be in strict confidence.

This survey closes at 4pm on Monday 20 July.

Please note: the below questions relate only to tight fitting face masks. It does not relate to face coverings (like cotton masks) or visors.

Question Title

* 1. What is the estimated annual turnover of your organisation?

Question Title

* 2. Is your organisation a member of any of the following trade associations?