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Please fill out your details below and we will send you a FREE Dietitians Week pack, which will contain posters, pens and banners for you to show #WhatDietitiansDo throughout the week. We plan to start sending out the first packs in early March. 

We will also be publishing all the materials (and more) for download at: 

Please note, we cannot deliver packs outside of the United Kingdom.

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This year, you will only be able to order one pack at a time. If you have multiple sites, please order separately for each. This ensures that we avoid multiple orders which go unused and prevent others from accessing packs.

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* 2. Will you require a version of the pack in Welsh? 

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* 3. What do you plan to do with your pack? Any information helps us with planning future Dietitians Weeks and your answer to this question has no effect on whether you receive a pack.