Devon & Cornwall Children's University overview:

Children's University is a national initiative which, through its programme, enables children to attend different learning events and activities outside of school hours. For every activity they attend, they get a stamp in their ‘passports to learning’. These add up to earn bronze, silver and gold certificates. 
Children are presented with their certificates in school and once they reach a gold level (100 hours), they are invited to a 'graduation ceremony' held annually to celebrate their achievements.  
Children can join Children’s University from 5 years old. 
For more information about award levels and events, please look at the Devon & Cornwall Children’s University website: or  
If you are interested in your child joining Children’s University, please return the attached slip to your county coordinator and will issue them with a passport. All you have to do is; check that the out of school activities have been validated, record your child’s hours in their passports when they attend these activities, and add up their hours as they accumulate. When they reach a certificate level, send in their passport to the school to be verified and they will be issued with their certificates and badges. 
Students can claim for 1 hour (1 stamp), per week, per activity / club.  E.g. if a student attends 5 hours of swimming lessons, they can only claim for one of those hours each week. However, if they attend 1 hour each of swimming, dance, science, music and chess clubs, they can have a stamp for each of these activities, which makes a total of 5 stamps for the week. This was put in place by the Children's University Trust to encourage students to take part in as many different activities as possible. 
 You might need to check any clubs that take place outside of school to see if they have been validated. If there are any clubs outside of school that you would like to nominate, please send their email address to and they can pass this onto Children's University to validate. 
We would like to collect data on children taking part in the Children’s University, to demonstrate the positive impact on them and to justify the continued funding for the Children's University in your area. To do this, in line with the new GDPR regulations, we require your consent. We formally ask you for this on the next page of this document. 

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