Help Us Find 10 Amazing Young People for the World's Biggest Human Rights Campaign...

It started in Poland in 2002, with a young man trying to impress a young woman. They met at a festival and she told him about 24-hour events she’d been to in Africa, where people wrote letters of protest to governments. Inspired by her story – and wanting to see her again – he invited her to his local Amnesty group where they decided to do the same thing. The idea caught on and within a year, Write for Rights grew into a global letter-writing phenomenon.

In 2018 over 5.5 million letters, signatures, Tweets and SMS’s were sent to authorities in 10 countries, demanding human rights change. Hundreds and thousands of people around the world wrote letters and cards of support for the people and communities featured in the campaign – keeping up their morale when they needed it the most. 

Today, Write for Rights is the world’s biggest human rights event, and over the years, the campaign has helped free at least 48 people from wrongful imprisonment.

In 2019 we would like to feature 10 young people at the heart of the campaign – as the cases hundreds of thousands of people around the world will focus on. We need your help to identify them. 

We need to hear about young people aged 25 or under, who:

· Have experienced/is at risk of human rights violation(s)

· Can be the ‘face’ and name for a group/community which has experienced/is at risk of, a human rights violation. Other members of the group/community do not need to be under 25. 

· A human rights defender

· An activist on other issues, such as environmental

· Any combination of the above

Cases of people who have experienced/at risk of human rights violations, resonate with audiences. When there is a clear threat to a person/group, we are able to help in a more tangible way. Cases where the individual/group are at risk will be prioritized. 

We want submissions from all over the world, every region, sub-region and country. We are interested in encouraging submissions from:
· Egypt
· Pakistan, Taiwan, Korea 
· Nigeria
· Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Argentina
· Italy, Poland 

Please note that while we encourage submissions from these countries, ALL countries will be considered. 

Deadline: 14 April 2019 - If your case is considered, you will be contacted for more details. The sooner you submit a suggestion, the more likely it is to be selected,a s we will have time to review fully. 

Please Note: All Suggestions will be looked at, but we can only select 10.

Thank you for being part of something remarkable!

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