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Title: Assessing Oral Health Awareness among Persons with Diabetes Mellitus


The aim of this survey: to understand what people with diabetes think about their oral health and their health in general.


The survey questions relate to the following topics:

·         Your general background and overall health

·         Oral health

·         What diabetes information sources are the most useful


About Us

The survey is being carried out by researchers from the Dublin Dental University Hospital (Ireland) and the Diabetes Day Centre at St. James’s Hospital, Dublin (Ireland). We hope to publish the survey results in a scientific journal. We also plan to use the results to improve how information about diabetes care is shared.


Who should take part?

·           Persons over 18 years of age

·           Persons residing in the Republic of Ireland or United Kingdom only

·           Persons with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, including Pre-diabetes, Type 1, Type 2 or gestational (pregnancy) diabetes

Please note carers or partners should not complete on behalf of a person with diabetes


Your Participation

Your participation in this research study is entirely voluntary. You do not have to take part. You may choose not to take part, or you may choose to withdraw at any time by simply closing the survey prior to submission of the completed survey. Completion of the survey that will take less than 10-15 minutes.


Your responses will be kept confidential and your identity will not be made known to us. We do not collect information which can identify to you such as your name, email address or IP address. The results of this study will be used for research purposes only.


Do I have to answer all the questions?

Your participant in this survey is voluntary. It is preferable for you to answer all the questions however you can skip any question you may not want to answer.


Does this study benefit me as a participation?

There are no direct benefits for the participations however the results of the overall study will be disseminated via online journal.


Ethical Approval

Ethical approval for this research was granted by the Dublin Dental School Ethics Committee on 30th October 2020 2020-10-02


Lead investigator: Eilish Duffy Dublin Dental University Hospital.

Any queries relating to the questions can be directed via email to: eilish.duffy@dental.tcd.ie


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