1. Background and Introduction

These are challenging times as we work through the unprecedented circumstances arising from Covid-19 while continuing to deliver our services and support as best we can.

I think we can all take great pride in how the sector has rallied around each other and continued to work for and with people in need.

I know you are busy but I wonder would you take five minutes (it is mainly tick boxes) to complete this short survey.  One of the resources Volunteer Now wants to produce, supported by The Executive Office, is an on-line Good Relations Toolkit to help organisations develop the skills and knowledge of their volunteers.

We hope the Toolkit will help organisations even further embed good relations in the role and ethos of volunteers in their relationship with others internally or when engaging with different people and areas outside the organisation.

This short survey will help us produce the Toolkit by identifying  what support organisations need, the type of content best developed in the Toolkit, and how organisations might best use it.

No one will be able to identify any of the responses - and they will go directly to Peter Osborne who is helping us to produce the Toolkit.  
This will complement the workshops being held in the first days of March that you will already have been invited to. 
We really appreciate your time in helping us make this Toolkit suit your needs so that we can all be part of developing another important resource.

If you want to discuss the survey, or aspects of the Toolkit further, e-mail Peter Osborne at peter@rubiconconsulting.net 
Thanks and best wishes.
Jane Gribbin
Volunteer Now
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