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Many thanks for your interest in engaging our insight networks, we hope we can help with your request.

People affected by breast cancer are at the heart of everything we do, so we created our insight networks to help ensure our work reflects this. The networks are made up of people whose lives have been changed by breast cancer, who want to help to shape and improve our work, and contribute to the wider field of breast cancer by supporting research studies and other projects.

The networks can be accessed via Breast Cancer Now's Volunteer Hub and Patient Experience Team, and are comprised of:
Our online forum – We may be able to publish your project for people to view and participate in via the forum, and we can usually post project information very quickly. Examples of forum posts can be found here.
Our insight networks – We have more than 2,800 people who act as a ‘voice’, and have registered to hear about opportunities to inform our work, and contribute to research studies and other projects connected with breast cancer. We contact these networks via email every one or two months, and sometimes on an ad hoc basis, according to their preferences

Please note that we generally don’t support market research projects. We are also usually unable to support projects originating outside the UK. However, do please contact the insight networks team if you need to discuss this further:
Lead Times

Lead times are typically as follows, but may vary depending on capacity:

Internal requests from Breast Cancer Now colleagues: 5-8 working days
External requests: 8-10 working days

We can usually publish your project on our Forum within these timescales. Publication to our wider insight networks depends on the planned dates for our regular mailouts, but we will advise you of this when we receive your request.

If you require a tight turnaround, please email and we'll do our best to accommodate your request

We recommend allowing at least two weeks for insight network members to respond to you, and at least four weeks’ notice for attendance at any meetings such as focus groups.

We recommend you try to gather together the following documents before completing this form:
  • A summary of the project – e.g. the abstract for a grant application
  • Patient recruitment information and, if relevant, a copy of the questions that you plan to ask the participants, and copies of any other documentation that you will send to the people who get in touch with you
  • Photos or logos to represent your project. These are optional, and we are happy to supply these for you
Researchers and students may also require:
  • A confirmation letter from the principal investigator on this project (if that is someone other than yourself), that this is a legitimate study and that this work has their support
  • Confirmation of the ethics approval for the project
Supported file types: PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPG, JPEG
If you have all your project information to hand, this form should take less than 10 minutes to complete. However, it can can be completed in more than one sitting if need be.