The Scottish Government Improvement Service and SCOTS (the Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland) are undertaking a study on the value of the local roads network in Scotland. As part of this study, we are consulting with a wide range of stakeholders to gather primary evidence and insights into the importance of the local roads network to the communities it serves, both today and in the future. This particular questionnaire is aimed at Community Councils. 

For the purposes of this study, we are assuming that it is desirable for there to be an effective local roads network in Scotland.

We define the “local” roads network as comprising all roads that are not included on Transport Scotland’s Official List of trunk roads. Broadly, the trunk roads network comprises motorways and the main arterial A-roads across the country (a full list is available on Transport Scotland’s website). Local roads are most typically those looked after by your local council.

An “effective” local roads network as one which enables people and businesses in the area to thrive (undertaking their daily activities in a manner which does not hinder the ability of communities to prosper or lead to undue environmental issues).   

Many thanks for taking time to explore the issues set out below. Please answer as fully as possible/practical, focusing on your views relating to your own area.  Please submit your responses no later than Wednesday 24 April 2019.

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