What does success mean to you as a maker?

Our Chair, Carol Sinclair, has the exciting opportunity to take part in a discussion at the next Scottish Government’s Creative Industries Advisory Group about what success means for makers. We are delighted to have this opportunity to share what makers feel success looks like for them, and as an organisation run 'by makers for makers' we would like you to help us gather that information.

If you would like some inspiration about what it might mean to you check out our blog post with a few thoughts from our board members on what success means to them.

Whatever term you use to describe what you do - maker, designer or artist - please take a moment to think about success and what it would look like to you and share it with us.

There are only four questions, so you can complete this survey quickly or take longer.

Please help us reach as many makers as possible and spread the word to colleagues and share on social media.

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Survey closes Friday 24 August 2018.

Question Title

* 1. How important would you rate the following in contributing to what success means for you as a maker?

  not important slightly important neither important or not important important very important
Exploring new ideas
Having your own studio space
Access to tools and equipment
Sharing your skills with others
Being able to sell your work
Being able to show your work in exhibitions

Question Title

* 2. What else is important to you as a maker - success is.....?

Question Title

* 3. How many years have you been working professionally as a maker?

Question Title

* 4. What discipline do you work in?