Potential Participant Survey

!! The Gathering is taking place over 2nd to 8th June 2018 !!
If you have already registered for the event the contact details are not required, but all persons in your party will need to be named on this form, and you will need to confirm the email address to be invoiced to.

If you have already booked accommodation, please let me know where: this will make logistic planning a bit easier.

There may be an informal get together event in the Kilbrannan Bar in Campbeltown for anybody who arrives before the Gathering. Though not a part of the formal Gathering, it would be useful to know if you plan to attend that.
The following form constitutes a booking and you will be invoiced for the deposit and further payments scheduled as follows, per guest:
  Deposit (£150) by December 12th 2017 ### Early Bird Offer ###
  Deposit (£165) after December 12th 2017
  Remainder (£200) on March 25th 2018
  Deposit (£150) on December 12th 2017
  Remainder (£170) on March 25th 2018
Follow On Tour
  Deposit (£200) December 12th 2017
  Interim (£200) March 25th 2018
  Final (£200) April 28th 2018
Please note:
• see the Spirit of Scotland website for full details of the follow on tour content. Spirit Of Scotland
• the method of payment is by PayPal which typically incurs a 5% commission which will be added to your invoice. You do not need to have a PayPal account.
• You can pay the whole amount in one go at the beginning is you wish, and still receive refunds up to the appropriate dates given for instalments.
• You are strongly encouraged to take out travel insurance before making your booking to protect yourself where instalments will not be refunded after their due dates.
• This booking will generate a single invoicing schedule for the entire party named, with the named responsible person receiving that invoice and being responsible for its payment. If more than one payer is required, the other payers should complete a new form themselves.

There are more detailed instructions on each page about how to answer questions.
Thank You