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Can you help Linnean Future

In recognition of the planetary emergency, the Linnean Society is galvanising its members into action, leveraging their expertise, as well as leading by example in reducing the Society’s own carbon footprint.

A key part of this initiative is setting up Linnean Future: The Planetary Emergency Response Committee of the Linnean Society, which was named by our Fellows and launched on 3 March 2021.
This is a major undertaking for the Society and we need the support of our Fellows and members. Would you be willing to lend your time and expertise to contribute towards this vital work by the Society?
We welcome and encourage nominations from all over the world, especially those less represented in the developed world, and we will do our best to ensure that meetings can accommodate this. We are also very keen to ensure diversity in all of Linnean Future's work, and actively encourage and support nominations from Fellows from all walks of life. There are two options. 

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* 1. Membership of Linnean Future
Currently the Committee comprises Stephanie Holt (Chair), Andy Purvis (Science Specialist) and John Box (Urban Ecologist) supported by members of the Society’s staff, particularly Padma Ghosh (Communications), and Helen Shaw (Sustainability). We are seeking up to four additional members to bring additional skills and experience to the Committee. We are particularly interested in candidates who can bring global experience to our committee with interests in the following broad areas: Taxonomy & Biodiversity, Science Policy, Environmental Science, Climate Science, and Climate Justice. We are also seeking up to three further Committee members from our younger (under 25) Fellows and student members.
Committee members will need to commit to an online meeting once every two months or so, and help deliver particular work streams within our core remit, potentially drawing together short-term working groups from a pool of supporting Fellows.
If you are interested in nominating yourself for Linnean Future, please write a short statement of interest below.

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* 2. Pool of Fellows who can help Linnean Future
We also want to develop a pool of Fellows who are able and willing to offer their time and/or expertise to particular elements of the work of the Committee as activities and actions develop. This might be as a specialist we can contact for questions around a particular subject or invite to write a blog or present at an event or conference. Or it might be as a supporting role in helping with short-term tasks like organising an event or helping to collate responses to a particular consultation. Let us know if you would be interested in being part of this pool of Fellows and how you might be able to help us:
a)     Writing a micro-blog on your research
b)     Presenting or speaking at an evening event or day conference
c)     Supporting the development of advice notes & position statements on various aspects of the planetary emergency
d)     Being contacted for specialist advice & comments
for a-d Please state the area of your research or interest relating to the planetary emergency (with any associated links, papers or websites you are involved in)
e)     General support, for example with conferences or events or logistical support for activities
f)      Helping report on news or reviewing recent reports and articles

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* 3. Please provide us your contact details for further information.

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