As part of a wider look at influencers, the PRCA and PRWeek are examining the issue of political influencers. We're asking PRCA members to nominate three individuals who they consider to be the most influential political influencers in the UK, and very briefly (no more than two sentences) say why. The influencers must be primarily based in the UK and have an influence on UK politics. From this, PRWeek will put together a list of 10 as part of a feature. 

Defining the term "influencer" can be difficult. In this context we're saying a political influencer is someone who holds significant sway among certain communities regarding political opinions. Crucially, they must be known primarily for their social media activities. This means we will exclude politicians, lobbyists, and journalists who may be influential and have large social media followings as a byproduct of their 'day jobs'. The influencer may have a background as a politician, lobbyist. or journalist, of course, but this can't be their current primary line of work.

The deadline to complete this survey is on Wednesday, 20th November. 

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* 1. Nominate three individuals (and explain why you have chose them):

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* 2. If you are happy to be quoted by PRWeek as part of their feature story, please leave your comments, name, and job title in the text box below:

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