The little white house in the woods is a Lincoln-based work/play retreat designed for flexible use for people who are more productive and creative when they have access to a fresh, unique, inspirational indoor / outdoor setting. Nestled within the grounds of an historic lakeside game keepers lodge, in the middle of a 200 acre Green Flag Award winning country park, the property has an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife which serves as a space for contemplation and inspiration.

Developed by Julia Tracey, an existential psychotherapist with a Masters degree in integrative psychotherapy and an Advanced Diploma in Existential psychotherapy, Julia and her Associates help creative working professionals (from their clinical practices in London and Lincoln) achieve more fulfilling and meaningful relationships, and is currently developing a fertile environment for anyone who wants to reappraise their current day to day routine; stop long enough to explore and clarify their experience of life; gain a better understanding of their life/work choices and behaviours, and in so doing explore the positive impact being open to creative  possibilities can have on both their wellbeing and work.

The little white house in the woods offers the opportunity for respite and reflection. It is a space to do something you've always wanted to do but never had the time to do it through a programme of creative workshops, and associated activities.

Lincolnshire-based cultural solutions UK is working with Julia to realise her vision and together we would like to ask you to take ten minutes to help us to help you.

Thank you. Julia Tracey and David Lambert.

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* 1. Do you feel that being involved in a shared outdoor activity in a beautiful natural setting can have a positive effect on your personal wellbeing?

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* 2. Would you or your organisation be interested in knowing more about specialist training packages or hiring a small Lincoln-based work/play retreat to deliver your own in-house training? The little white house in the woods is designed for flexible use for people who are more productive and creative when they have access to a fresh, unique, inspirational indoor/outdoor setting. Please tick which you are interested in.

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* 3. Are you or your organisation committed to training or continual professional development?

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* 4. What are the barriers to attending training or creative self-discovery workshops ?

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* 5. What type of training course have you or your organisation attended in the past five years, or would like to attend but never had the opportunity or resources to you so?

  Have attended Would be interested in attending 
Time management
Event management
Health and wellbeing
Self care and self management
Working with children and young people
Social anxiety
Inspired thinking

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* 6. Have you attended any creative participatory workshops in the past five years or would you be interested in attending any?

  Have attended in the last 5 years Would be interested in attending 

Visual arts

Creative writing 




Digital Detox 
Connecting with nature 
Exploring social isolation
Improving communication 

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* 7. What do you see as the benefits of attending specialist training or creative self-discovery workshops ? 1 being of low priority and 5 high priority.

  1 2 3 4 5
Making time to process my everyday workload
Exploring future possibilities
Gaining objective feedback from my peers
Reflecting upon my past and current performance

Spending time with people from outside my work sector 
Meeting new people from within my work sector

Learning something new

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* 8. How much would you expect to pay for a full days training session?

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* 9.

Please indicate which best matches your profession/interest:

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* 10. Would you like more information about the little white house in the woods?