Introduction to survey

Thanks for taking the time to fill in this survey. What you tell us is vital to shaping our future. We want to make a difference to the things that matter to you, to deliver services that you value, and to make sure your voices are at the center of everything we do.

Toynbee Hall was set up more than 130 years ago to make life better for the people of East London, and as we move into an exciting new phase our our organisation’s development we want to make sure that people living in London, and people working to support them get a say in our future. In 2018 our halls will reopen for the community and alongside that we’ll launch a new website, which we hope will help us to better serve the community we are based in.

This survey will take 5 minutes to complete. It asks everyone who completes the survey about where you think we should concentrate our efforts, and how you'd like us to work with the community. If you've heard of us before we'll also ask you what you think of us now.

Once the survey is completed you’ll be offered the chance to enter our prize draw for £50 of supermarket vouchers, and to tell us how/ if you'd like to keep in touch with us in the future. We hope you’ll choose to do this so we can share with you the difference your feedback has made, and offer you further opportunities to shape how we work alongside Londoners.

We will keep what you tell us confidential and won't ever use your answers in a way that identifies you unless you tell us you want us too. What you tell us will help us decide what we’ll work on over the coming years and how our building and our resources can best be used to support people living in London (particularly in East London) to have equal access to everything London has to offer. This isn’t the only way we’ll find out what people think – but it is an important first step.

Thank you for your support.

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* 1. Below are a list of issues facing people who live in East London - which do you think it is most important that Toynbee Hall concentrate on?

Question Title

* 2. Which set of questions would you like to answer?