GMB survey on violence in Wiltshire schools

Following some disturbing incidents of violence against staff by pupils and parents, we welcome information from Wiltshire school support staff.

* 1. who do you work for?

* 2. Have you experienced any of the following in the last 18 months?

* 3. Have you seen other staff experience any of the following, in the last 18 months?

* 4. Have you reported any incidents to management?

* 5. If you have reported an incident, were you satisfied with the response?

* 6. Are you ever afraid or apprehensive at work?

* 7. Have you reported to your employer that you are afraid or apprehensive?

* 8. If you have reported concerns to your employer, were you satisfied with the response?

* 9. If you work in a mainstream school, are there pupils there who you think should be in a special school

* 10. Are you a member of a trade union?