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Due to COVID-19 impacting services, we are unfortunately unable to run a camp at Emmanuel School this summer.

However, our team is exploring options around hosting an alternative YMCA Day Camp elsewhere in Nottingham throughout the summer holidays. Please help to understand the demand for this by filling out our survey.

 For safety and operational reasons, please bear in mind that any YMCA Day Camp running this summer will include these adjustments:
  • Only full week bookings will be available (Mon-Fri blocks), there will be no day bookings
  • Places may be limited due to government guidelines on group sizes
  • Swimming may be unavailable, as may some close-contact activities (in line with government guidelines)
  • There will be no YMCA bus service
  • There will be an increase in on-site safety measures, e.g. social distancing markers and positive hygiene procedures, including staff cleaners
  • The price will be reduced to reflect these changes, and childcare vouchers / YMCA scholarship applications will still be accepted

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* 1. With the restrictions above in mind, would you be interested in sending your child to YMCA Day Camp this summer?

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* 2. If you answered "YES", what times would you prefer YMCA Day Camp to run between?

If you answered "NO" please skip to the end of the survey and click 'Done'.

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* 3. How far is the maximum distance you would be willing to travel to drop-off/pick-up your child from YMCA Day Camp?

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* 4. What is your postcode?

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* 5. Would you be interested in applying for a YMCA Scholarship for your child?

YMCA Scholarships are for families who may not be able to afford the full cost of YMCA services themselves, you can learn more about them here.

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* 6. If you would like to be informed if bookings for YMCA Day Camp open, please leave your contact details below.

Thank you. Your answers will help us best shape our Camp services.

Click "Done" to close the survey.
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