Action for Conservation is looking for a Programme Coordinator in South West England and Wales to join our team. This is an exciting role for a self-motivated individual who shares our passion for youth-led solutions to the climate and environmental crisis. You will be responsible for delivering our core programmes in South West England and Wales, where you will support, inspire and empower young people to connect with nature in new and exciting ways, design and deliver environmental action projects that benefit wildlife and people and share their voice on environmental issues that are relevant and exciting to them. 

Before completing the application form below, read through the application pack found on the 'About Us' page on our website:

The application deadline is Sunday 20th June at midnight!


The application is split into three sections:

1. About you

2. Application questions (all questions have a 300 word limit)

a. We work with young people aged 12-16 and support them to design and deliver environmental action projects to tackle issues that are interesting and relevant to them. Tell us about your experience working with young people and how you might apply this experience to the role.

b. We educate young people on a wide range of environmental and social topics and help them to take practical action on a range of local and global issues. How have you developed the environmental knowledge, skills and experience to enable you to do this?

c. We work to engage young people from all walks of life in the environmental movement. What do you perceive to be the barriers to young people becoming involved in environmental action? 

d. We are actively working to empower more young people from diverse backgrounds to become involved in environmental action and our work. Why do you think diversity is important to the environmental movement and to our work?

3. Equality and Diversity

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