School Day Timings Review

In order to maximise learning within our school, we are commencing a consultation period where we review the timings of the school day.   We would like to embark on a collaborative process to gain opinion form all stake holders to ascertain whether they believe there would be advantages to making some minimal changes to the timings of the school day and if so, what the preferred changes would be.  

We would like to consider moving to a 32 + 1 model.  This means that there are 32 periods, all of 50 minutes. The +1 is PSR of 10 minutes each day, which added together equals a total of 50 minutes devoted to PSR.

Some of the benefits of moving to a 32 + 1 Model are as follows:

1.      Consistency of time allocated to subjects.

2.      Universal Support increased for young people through extra time and dedicated and planned PSR time.

3.      Efficiency of timetable improved.

4.      Less confusion of timings of periods starting/finishing.

5.      Extra short day to support co-curricular programme, staff meetings, CLPL opportunities etc

With 32 periods over the week (instead of 33), this equates to having 2 days where there are 7 periods (long days) and 3 days where there are 6 periods (short days).

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. In which year group is your child/children?

* 3. Do you agree in principle with the proposal to make small changes to the
timings of the school day and move to a 32 (+1) period week?

* 4. In the 32 (+1) Model, there are two 7 period days (long Days) and three 6
period days (short days).  Which two days would you prefer to be the 7
period days?

* 5. In the 6 period days (short day), after PSR would you like the structure of
the day to be 2 periods then break, 2 periods then lunch, 2 periods then

* 6. In the 7 period long days (long day), when would you prefer the 3
consecutive periods?

* 7. We currently start the school day at 9am. Are you happy for that to remain the same?

* 8. We currently have 40 minutes allocated for lunch.  Are you happy for this
to remain the same?

* 9. Do you have any other comments that you would like to make?