Preliminary Information: Please Read Carefully


This survey explores the composition opportunities available to 'emerging composers' of contemporary classical music/experimental music/new music, discussing the business of application, interviews and how important they are in expanding composers' practice.

The definition of a 'composition opportunity' can be found below.  Please read this carefully as it will have a bearing on many of the questions the survey asks.

Who can take part?

The survey is for emerging composers - or those who consider themselves as having been an 'emerging composer' within the last 10 years - of contemporary classical music/new music/experimental music. It is intended for those active in the UK, but composers based elsewhere are still encouraged to take part. 

How long will it take?

The survey will take around 20 minutes to complete and must be completed within one sitting. All answers are given anonymously and any information given that identifies you personally will be removed. If you are happy to be interviewed on these themes, however, there is an opportunity for you to leave your email at the end.

How will my data be used?

Your data will be stored on Survey Monkey and will be protected by a password that only myself and my colleague are privy to. We intend to publish results from this survey in academic publications, and to create a report recommending good practice for organisations offering these opportunities. Once the project is completed, your data will be deleted. Use the email address below if you have any questions regarding these issues.

Composition Opportunity: A Definition

A scheme devised and run by an organisation – be it an arts charity, administrative body, or ensemble – that sets out to provide ‘emerging’ composers with the means to develop their practice and/or expand their professional network. While this can at times take the form of a commission, it is not intended to cover regular orchestral/ensemble commissions for ‘professional’ composers.  Usually, these schemes will contain a competitive element and, for the purposes of this study, the term ‘composition opportunity’ will not refer to non-competitive experiences gained within undergraduate courses at HE institutions.

Any questions?

Please contact if you have any questions regarding the project or how your data will be used.

Consent Form

By completing a survey, you will be considered to have given your consent to the following statements:

I confirm that I have read and understood the information sheet and have had the opportunity to ask questions.
I understand that any personal information that I provide will be kept strictly anonymous.
I understand that my anonymous data will be used in publications and reports.
I agree to take part in the above study.