We are updating the qualifications needed for an SIA licence. This follows a review of the current licence-linked qualifications.

Our aim is to improve the basic skills, knowledge and understanding of security operatives so that they can do their jobs more effectively, to improve community safety and help to protect the public in the UK.

The new licence-linked qualifications will give a more robust foundation of skills and knowledge and reflect what we have learned from extensive industry consultation and engagement.

For those entering the security industry from 1 April 2021, we will:  
• introduce new licence-linked qualifications
• require door supervisors and security guards to get the Emergency First Aid at Work qualification before they take a licence-linked qualification

Top-up training

From  October 2021, door supervisors and security guards will need to complete top-up training before they renew their licence.

We have developed this top-up training to make sure current Door Supervisor and Security Guard licence holders have the same basic skills and knowledge. The top-up training will also bridge the gap between the existing and new qualifications, as it will include elements of the new content that we are introducing.

You can find out what will be included in the top-up training by reading this document (PDF, 361KB)

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* 1. How much notice do you need to take top-up training?

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* 2. Do you agree we should seek to raise the standards of security operatives’ skill and performance in this way?