Following the decision at Pendle’s Full Council meeting to undertake a public consultation about the redevelopment of Pendle Leisure Centre’s sports hall, members of the public are now invited to comment on the Trust’s proposed redevelopment of the centre.

Government funding reductions mean that Pendle Council needs to reduce its overall spending by around £4m over the next three years. Since 2010 its funding has reduced by £7m.

Due to these ongoing cuts, the Trust’s annual grant from the Council has reduced by £1m since 2010/11 with another £150,000 for the financial year 2018/19 and this means that the Trust has to once again look at how to bridge this funding gap.

The proposed investment, which will be funded by Pendle Leisure Trust, will see the development of Pendle Leisure Centre’s sports hall to include:

• a brand new, state-of-the-art fitness studio                            • a children’s soft play area
• refurbishment of the current dry side changing rooms         • refurbishment of the existing Reception area
• introduction of a food and beverage facility

The redevelopment will also create the equivalent of 3 full time new jobs and help to sustain existing ones.

Any activities and customers currently using the existing sports hall will be relocated to West Craven Sports Centre, Barnoldswick or to Primet Sports Hall, Colne.

All activities can be relocated except one.

In light of the financial situation facing the Trust, the Council and the Trust are keen to ensure that existing facilities remain open and sustainable. The Trust feels the redevelopment is a positive option to enhance the existing centre and facilities whilst bridging the gap in its funding.

Your views will help the Council and the Trust make a decision on how best to make savings.

Please visit to read a recent article about Local Authorities Leisure Facilities.


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* 2. Age Group

* 3. Postcode

* 4. Are you a user of Pendle Leisure Centre?

* 5. If yes, what facilities do you use?

* 6. If yes, what activities do you take part in?

* 7. If you answered no to question 4, please indicate why you do not use Pendle Leisure Centre

* 8. Do you think Pendle Leisure Centre would benefit from significant investment/ improvement?

* 9. Do you use other Pendle Leisure Trust facilities? If yes, please list them

* 10. Are you a member of the Trust's Activo membership scheme?

* 11. Do you use other sports facilities which Pendle Leisure Trust does not manage?

* 12. Do you support Pendle Leisure Trust's preferred option to invest in the centre by converting the sports hall to a soft play facility; creating a brand new, state-of-the-art fitness studio; refurbishment of the dry side changing facilities; refurbishment of Reception; create a food and beverage offering?

* 13. Please explain your views to question 12 below:

* 14. If you answered no to question 12, do you have any alternative proposals for the usage of Pendle Leisure Centre's sports hall? If so, please state what they are and why:

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                                                   ALL RESPONSES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 5PM ON WEDNESDAY 24TH JANUARY 2018